Mere Garden Festival September 7th 2019

Welcome to our festival which will be held in the Grove Building and the Lecture Hall. Last year we made changes to inject more fun into the show with the hope that it will appeal to a wider audience and it certainly did.

We hope our new show format will encourage you to participate, whatever your skill level.

The show is open to everyone whether or not you are a member of Mere Gardening Club.
Awards. The various categories will be judged and certificates and rosettes will be awarded to outstanding entries.

Entry form can be handed in at Sprout & Flower during their normal opening hours.  OR taken between 6pm to 8pm to the Lecture Hall on Friday September 6th 2019

There is a fee of £2 per person which covers the cost of all entries. Each person is limited to one entry per class and may enter as many classes as they wish.

After Show. Unless you specify at registration, it will be assumed that you are willing to have your entry donated to Fives Court. This will not apply to Artwork, photography or craft entries.

Mere Gardening Club are sponsors of this event and we invite you to our regular meetings, full details are given in “Mere Matters” and on our website.

How To Enter

Please complete one Entry form per person

Drop the completed entry form into “Sprout & Flower” during their normal opening hours or the Lecture Hall on Friday Sept 6th between 6pm & 8pm.

Remember to enclose £2 for each person entering.

The Programme for the day

There is free entry all day; however donations are welcome to help with the running of this festival.

10am to 11.30am – Lecture Hall & Grove Building are now open for you to set up your entries.

11.30am – The halls are closed for judging to take place

1pm – Halls are now open.  Potato weighing at Lecture Hall

Visit the Lecture Hall to admire all the produce, photography, artwork, and a “Bring & Buy Stall”.

Visit the Grove Building for the stalls set up by traders and charities.  Here you can listen to the entertainment being provided by “JMS folk” and enjoy “Tea and cake” refreshments.

4pm Festival now closes

5pm Halls to be clear of exhibits

Boring BUT Important

  1. You need to have made it, or grown it, yourself.
  2. We will try not to break anything but there is no responsibility for damage or loss.
  3. Our judges are infallible and their decisions are final.
  4. Only one entry per class per person.

Finally any questions or queries contact Janet Way on 01747 860884

Trade & Charity Exhibitors

1          Beans & Herbs, a small organic nursery producing seeds in Horningsham.

2          Blackmore Vale Bonsai Society, lots of exhibits and demonstrations.

3          KM Beauty, Mere, bits & pieces with a garden theme.

4          Plant World Garden Centre

5          Picket Lane Nursery, family run Dorset nursery, specialising in hardy perennials and shrubs.

6          RSPB, selling cards, calendars and small gifts.

7          Seeds for Success, a small youth work charity based in SW Wiltshire.

8          Simpsons seeds, a small nursery based in Horningsham specialising in heritage seeds, especially tomatoes and chillies.

9          Thorngrove Garden Centre, run by the charity “Employ My Ability”.

10        Wiltshire Wildlife Trust

Mere Garden Club would like to thank the following for their help and support:-

Mrs. Tavenner and pupils of Mere School, members of Seeds for Success, Sarah at Sprout & Flower, the show judges and Swan Trust, Shaftesbury.

Festival Entries for “Home-grown Garden Produce”

(To be exhibited in the Lecture Hall)

We have five categories for entries in this section. The aim is to move away from the rather off putting precision of traditional shows and towards inclusion of more entries especially from novices.

Entry No 1. Show us your beans! We are not fussy! Runner, Broad, French, all are welcome.

Entry No 2. A trug or basket of mixed home-grown vegetables. It is up to you what goes in the basket the wider the variety the better.

Maximum size of container to be, 35cms x 50cms. (approx. 14ins X 18ins)

Entry No 3. An inviting platter of salad vegetables from the garden.

Entry No 4. “Root 303”; Any root vegetable/vegetables

Entry No 5. A display of fruit/fruits on a dish.

Festival Entries for “Blooming Good Flowers”

(To be exhibited in the Lecture Hall)

Each of these sections will be judged separately.

Entry No 6. A single bloom. Any size and any colour.

Entry No 7. Floating flowers.

Entry No 8. For those who are a little ‘potty’ show off your indoor plants.  Maximum diameter of pot is 200 mms (8 ins)

Entry No 9. Fuchsia heads.

Entry No 10. The rose with finest perfume. This will be judged by the public’s noses!

Festival Entries for “Something from the Kitchen”

(To be exhibited in the Lecture Hall)

Entry No 11 Preserves; Sweet Preserves, Jams, Marmalades, Jellies.

Entry No 12. Preserves; Anything pickled including Chutneys

Entry No 13. “Just the biscuit” Half a dozen Biscuits of your choice.

Entry No 14. “Let them eat Cake” It can be Fruit, Sponge, Chocolate, Swiss Roll or anything that’s a family favourite.

Entry No 15. “Use your loaf” and make some bread; Either white or brown are welcome as well as fancy shape loaves.

(No machine loaves please.)

Entry No 16 “King or Queen of Tarts” A sweet or savoury tart

Festival Entries for “Arts”

In conjunction with Mere Art group (To be exhibited in the Lecture Hall)

Artwork is divided into two sections.

Entry No 17. Painting and drawing in any medium.

This is open to everyone to display their work. Space is at a premium so please limit your entry to two pieces of work, no larger than A2 size. This section is simply a display of work and will not be judged

Entry No 18. Plants, Gardening and Gardens

There is a maximum of 3 entries per person.  As the display space is limited, please size your entry accordingly.

Judging will be done by visitors. Rosettes will be awarded for the most admired work.

Festival Entries for “Craft”

(To be exhibited in the Lecture Hall)

Entry No 19. Design a scarecrow, open to schoolchildren, adults, clubs and organisations around Mere.                  Paper Size : A4

19a      Children up to 7 years old

19b      Children 7 to 11 years old

19c      Children 11 to 16 years old

19d      Adults

19e      Club entries

Festival Entries for “Photography”

(To be exhibited in the Lecture Hall)

Entry No 20. Sport

Entry No 21. Water

Entry No 22. Transport

Entry No 23. What is it?  An everyday item from a different angle.

Photographs should be mounted on card no larger than A4 size. Rosettes will be awarded for each category.

Click here for the Entry form